Organizational Framework

The community-based media and life skills organizations have joined together to create a formal network that provides them with a platform for exchange and represents their interests at national, regional and international levels in culture, policy creation and economic development. A group of committed individuals representing the member organizations manages the network and ensures its sustainable growth.

#ASKnet Members

(November 2023)

Membership and Steering Committee

An organization must be community-driven, nonpartisan, and politically neutral in order to be accepted into the network. Institutions wishing to join should submit an application to the network coordination office for assessment together with a current Certificate of Registration from the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission or other appropriate authorities and a copy of the organization‘s mandate.

#ASKnet is governed by a Steering Committee (SC) drawn from member organizations, with the Network Coordination Office (NCO) facilitating executive operations and an advisory body that oversees progress and strategic alignment of the consortium.

The benefits of joining the network include but not limited to:

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