#ASKnet Media Productions

#ASKnet as a group of South Sudanese led community based organisations in both South Sudan and Uganda, engage in a wide range of media productions including podcasts, videos, photography and other forms media and digitally based work. These productions showcase a diverse range of stories, experiences, and insights, all with the aim of informing, inspiring, and connecting communities. Each production reflects the #ASKnet community’s commitment to making a positive change in the world!


Refugee Youth Podcast

— by Youth Empowerment Foundation

A series dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of refugees living in Northern Uganda. Produced and hosted by young refugees in the Pagirinya refugee settlement near Adjumani, Uganda experiences and stories are shared with the aim of educating, informing, and strengthening resilience within the community.

Amplified Gender Voices

— by GoGirls ICT Initiative

Every woman’s story is a powerful force for change. In this podcast, the Juba-based GoGirlsICT community brings you inspiring stories, thought-provoking interviews, and impactful conversations that shine a light on how the women of South Sudan overcome deeply rooted societal challenges.

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Classroom on Phone

— by GoGirls ICT Initiative

A pre-recorded series of learning programs, easily accessible through smart phones, where primary and secondary school students are taught a range of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with the aim of enhancing the love and practice of science.

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Feedback on Classroom on Phones series implementation in schools


— by #ASKnet member Romeo Lomoro

This is where technology meets community, and innovation solves problems. Join us as we delve into the world of open technology and explore the impact it has on communities in South Sudan and Uganda. Through the eyes and voices of local organizations, community leaders, and individuals, we bring you the stories of change-makers who are using technology to create a better future for their communities.

#ASKnet Video Stream Conversations


— by Platform Africa

“Refutories” is a word that emanates from Refugee Stories, telling these through interviews with refugees in the Rhino Camp settlement near Arua, Uganda. Their daily experiences with access to education and the numerous struggles faced living in the refugee settlement, the podcast looks at issues ranging from sex education to the many cultural aspects displaced people must face on a daily basis.

Video Production

E-Waste Awareness

— by Community Creativity 4 Development

Highlighting refugee innovation in tackling the problem of e-waste management through training and awareness on repair, reuse, and upcycling projects the video was produced in support of the global International Repair Day.