Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation (Ceci-Uganda)

Promoting peace, self-reliance and dignity in refugee communities in Northern Uganda since 2017

Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation (Ceci-Uganda)

An Empowered, Peaceful and Self-reliant community

Location: Yumbe, Obongi, Koboko, Uganda

Community Empowerment For Creative Innovation (CECI) was founded in May 2017 by a group of South Sudanese refugees, including students, teachers, evangelists, and social activists, in response to and prevention of violence in refugee communities through innovative and creative locally-led peacebuilding initiatives that aim to prevent, reduce, and/or transform conflicts. It emerged to address conflict tensions and ethnic cleavages stemming from resource access and utilization, cultural intolerance, hate speech, trauma, and limited employment opportunities among and between refugees and host communities.

CECI is a refugee-led organization directly working with youth, women and girls from refugee and host communities to prevent, reduce, and transform violent conflicts. Our peacebuilding, education, livelihood, and environment programs are rooted in local innovations and driven by local needs. They create an enabling environment for healing, reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence in refugee settlements while empowering individuals and communities to participate actively in their own development.